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How to make a purchase


A user does not have to be registered in order to make a purchase, though we do recommend to register to make the ordering and returning processes easier.

If you already registered, please LOG IN.

During your on-line shopping, you may check your cart by clicking on the “cart” icon.

Guide to sizes

Please refer to the detailed fitting instructions available in the product description and the size guide available in the product sheet in order to choose the best size for your needs. If you are not entirely happy with the size you ordered, you may return the item and we’ll send back whatever other size you choose.

Since it is not possible to cancel or change the order once it has been confirmed, we recommend you check the selected items carefully (colour and size) in the cart summary prior to the check-out.


It is possible to make the payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal and Postepay; for the moment payments in the form of cash on delivery and wire transfer are not allowed.

After choosing the payment method, the system will redirect the customer to the website of the bank managing the on-line payment, which Vestrum Srl may not access in any way.

Any further doubts concerning the information that the system may require shall be settled with the issuing bank.

At the end of the payment process you will receive an automatic e-mail reporting your order identification data and confirming that the order has been finalised successfully.

In case of payment error, no amount shall be charged and you will receive an error notification e-mail.

Credit card payment errors may be due to the following reasons

– the credit card is expired

– the credit cap has been exceeded: check with your bank to make sure the maximum amount allowed for your credit card purchases has not been exceeded

  • some of the data entered are wrong: make sure all the required fields have been filled in correctly.

– you have not entered the 3D security code: in some instances the system requires a “MasterCard SecureCode” or “Verified by Visa” security code. If you do not have this code, please ask your card provider.


At the end of the payment process you will receive an automatic e-mail reporting your order identification data and confirming that the order has been finalised successfully.

You may view the status of your order by logging into the website and entering the “My orders” section.


Orders are usually processed and trusted to the courier within 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed or on the first available working day in case of purchases during week-ends or holidays, unless otherwise notified at check-out.

These times may be longer during seasonal peaks.

When your order is taken up by our operator, you will receive an e-mail reporting the change of your order status into “your order is being processed” and the shipping number of your parcel.

The delivery takes place by DHL courier within 3/4 working days from the moment in which the parcel is trusted to it. As regards remote areas, up to 7 working days will be needed, while for foreign addresses the expected delivery will be in 10 days’ time approximately.

At any rate, the delivery of the ordered items shall take place no later than 30 days from the date of the order.

When the order is trusted to the courier you will receive an e-mail confirming that the “parcel has been processed”.

We cannot plan the delivery in specific days or at specific hours, in that the shipping will be managed directly by the courier independently.

 Delivery address

The delivery shall occur at the address specified at the time of check-out.

The same user may register more than one shipping address under different titles (second place of residence, work, etc.).

Let us remind that in order to ensure a successful shipping, all details concerning the delivery address must be specified (name of the company, business, name on the doorbell, floor, department, etc.)

It will be up to the customer to check the status of the order by tracking the parcel using the DHL tracking number.

The courier shall make 3 attempts to deliver and in case of the recipient being unavailable, the parcel will be stored for a limited amount of time at a DHL warehouse.

You may trace back the address of the access point where the parcel is stored by accessing the DHL website with your tracking number.

We ship and return only to/from European Union (EU) members States. The company shall not bear any costs for customs duties, taxes or any other costs in extra-EU Countries.

 Delivery areas and shipping charges:

  • Italy – free shipping
  • Europe – free shipping


How to return an item or change size


If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, you may return the items and request the refund or replacement thereof no later than 14 days from the date of the order, by filling in the on-line return form.


Select the return method of your choice between refund and change and follow the relevant instructions.


4.1 Refund: Fill in the on-line return form and follow the process under item 4.3

As soon as we receive your parcel we’ll proceed to refunding the returned items by crediting the amount back using the same payment method used for the order, within 30 working days

 4.2 Change: The purchased products may be exchanged with others of different size and colour subject to stock availability.

We do not swap items having different identification codes.

Fill in the on-line return form and follow the process under 4.3, using the relevant reason for the return field to specify the size and colour you wish to change your goods with.

Warning: if the change specifications are not clear or reported in the wrong field, the change shall be ignored and the refund shall take place instead under 4.1

As soon as we receive your parcel, depending on the stock availability, we will create a new order under your name and all shipping costs will be borne by us. If the items should no longer be available, we shall proceed with a refund under 4.1

 4.3 How to request a return

In order to request a return, the on-line form must be filled in. To do so, follow this process:

  1. complete your LOG IN. You will be redirected to your account.
  2. Click on “order history and details”.
  3. Select the order for which you need to perform the return and check the items you would like to return
  4. State the reason for the return and your bank details in the relevant section (if you want to change, specify the size and colour)
  5. click on “request product return”.

 In order to check the status of your return, click on “my product returns”

 4.4 How to ship your returns

Upon receiving the e-mail confirming our approval you will be able to ship your items and the relevant invoice to the following address:


Vestrum Srl

via di Mezzo Levante 1500,

40014 Crevalcore (BO)


 Insert your items in a parcel or envelope with a copy of the invoice; you may use the same packaging used for the delivery but please remove or cover any labels applied on the parcel by the courier upon the original delivery.

Any items that were to be returned incomplete, worn, damaged, deteriorated or dirty due to use or lacking original packaging material (including the hanger, if supplied), shall neither be refunded nor changed but will be returned to the sender.

We do not accept returns from outside the European Union

Return costs shall be borne by the customer

 The returned items are under your responsibility, therefore we recommend you make sure they are well packaged in order to prevent them from becoming damaged or scattered. Keep a proof of such return and ship back the goods by registered mail, courier or by any other means providing a certain delivery date.

 The returned goods will be delivered at our warehouse and the appointed personnel will check the status of the items as soon as possible; once the return has been approved you will receive a notice stating that the “parcel has been received”.

The refund or change will take place as soon as possible after receipt of the parcel and no later than 30 working days thereafter.