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When the passion of a lifetime and 30 years of creativity and experience come together, the result is a project like Vestrum “Made in Italy”.
When the designer is also the first user of his creations, refinement is combined with maximum practicality and elegance becomes a natural expression of comfort, without being forced.
Vestrum is a manufacturer and distributor of technical clothing and accessories for horse riding.

It was born from the entire Calamai family’s passion for the equestrian world, from 30 years of stylistic creativity of the Head Designer Fabio Calamai and the solidity and commercial experience of the Focus Pull Group.

When design experience and the passion for riding belong to the same hands, the technical clothing becomes tailored apparel and the details are translated into essential practical expedients.
The high quality of the garments is guaranteed by the use of prestigious materials from the most important Italian manufacturers of raw materials.
Even for Accessories our standard is strictly MADE in ITALY.
The refinement and the stylistic research of the leather and the colours, the technical value and the sense of style tell us of a passion that is above all a lifestyle.  Exclusive items that must meet expectations of excellence in terms of raw materials used and craftsmanship.

And half a century of experience in production, organisation and sales has refined our problem-solving skills and given us a stellar brand reputation.